Swinging Task Dialog (part 4)

It’s my pleasure today to announce the availability of the new TaskDialog 0.5.0 library release, which is dedicated to Mac OS support.

The last two weeks were spent researching the Apple standards and making task dialogs on Mac OS look as close as possible  to original ones. The list of specific Mac OS differences, supported by library includes:

  • Correct Resources (Fonts, icons, text) and component gaps
  • No separators between Message, Command and Footer areas
  • Expandable component is showing directly under “Details” check box ( disclosure triangle )
  • Expandable component is automatically wrapped in correct border
  • Correct Command button order

Here are examples of the same dialog under windows 7 and Mac OS 10.6.2

I cannot say I’m confident I caught all the details but with your help I’m sure I’m going to 🙂

The project is available at http://code.google.com/p/oxbow/ under BSD license.
As always – comments and suggestions are welcome.



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    • Pedro,

      Thanks for kind words.

      My impression was that Linux dialogs have almost same look and feel as Windows dialogs. Can you point me to any specification or any information on what the differences are? The implementation should not take long with current library design 🙂

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